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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas...

Hey Everybody!
I can't say I believe its Christmas this week already, but I guess it is. Man, the past month has flown by faster than any other I think. Its been a good week, partly because of the work that Elder hart and I have been able to do, partly because we had our mission Christmas Conference, and I think the other part is just because I know Christmas is right around the corner and my inner child is starting to come out! Christmas on the mission is unlike any other Christmas I've ever had and I cant believe its my second one. I'm excited for the time I'll have to spend with members, opening gifts, Christmas caroling as a zone, the time I'll get to Skype home, and of course just the spirit of not only acknowledging Christ, but sharing his gospel with others.

This week has been a lot of that. Just last night Elder hart and I experienced what I would consider a miracle. We had planned to visit a family from the ward and teach them and spend some time with them, unfortunately though they were running a little late, so we had this awkward 1/2 hour to kill. We were in the area that had an older couple living in it that had been referred to us about 2-3 months ago. We had been by there house multiple times but could never catch both of them there. They're special because, their own granddaughter actually referred them to us, and so its a nice lead in. Of all the people we could've stopped by we both felt that it was a good idea to stop by them and see if once and for all we can catch them both at home. We knocked on the door and sure enough they were both home, they invited us right on in, sat us down, and began feeding us Christmas Cookies and milk. We were both pretty full from dinner but ate and drank on. We talked with them for a bit, and whats crazy is that right as we had knocked on the door, the wife Libby was just finishing up a call with their granddaughter (the one who referred them to us). It was perfect timing. She said over the phone to her granddaughter, "The Elders Are here! The Elders Are Here" So we decided after getting to know them both a little better (Art & Libby) We watch the Savior is Born video with them and they loved it. After watching it we asked them how they felt and their responses were warm, tingly, at peace and so on. It was awesome! I almost felt like I was dreaming here, but I knew I wasn't. We asked them what other times in their life they've been able to feel the spirit of Christ and Libby instantly started to get emotional. She had explained that recently her cousin and Sister had passed away and its been hard to cope with it. We began Sharing a bit of the plan of salvation and the spirit was so strong. I could just tell by the look in their eyes that they knew that the words we were speaking were true and good. we said a prayer and set up another time to return and visit them next week.

I hope this little story wasn't too long, I hope y'all can see just how perfect everything played out. It goes to show that although our plans may not always work out the way we expect they always work out the way the Lord wants them to. And it will always be for our good and for others good. The Lord has prepared Libby and Art to receive the gospel, I know That Much! And its awesome to see my brothers and sister except it so willingly. That for me was the highlight of the week, so I don't see a need to say much more. All I know is that I am where I need to be, I am Happy , and that Heavenly father knows each of us, better than we know ourselves. He Loves us. Until Friday when I Skype Y'all, Godspeed!!!! Have A Great week and Merry Christmas!

Love, Elder Page

P.S. I'll get back to y'all later in the week as to when exactly we plan to Skype

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