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Monday, December 28, 2015

Email after Christmas...

So, I find it hard to really know what to say after talking to everyone on Christmas. I guess I can say that I really appreciate everything that was said to me, words of encouragement, old jokes that were told, talk of the future, just everything left me feeling really good. I felt so much Love from everybody, and although we are (in distance) far apart, I felt closer to y'all than I ever have while being out here. It was the best Gift I received on Christmas! Scarlett and Jack were both looking adorable. Boy I cannot wait to play with those little babies and love 'em and kiss them than hug them when I get home. I've been an uncle for almost 18 months and I haven't even had the chance to spoil any of my nieces or nephews! All 4 of them better be ready for me when I get home.

One thing I realized I missed out on was being reunited with daisy. As soon as we ended the call I realized that I hadn't seen him and it made me pretty sad, but as long as he is still his cute fat self I can wait to see him in May. Tell him I miss him.

Anyway, as far as missionary work goes for this week, things I haven't already shared. we did get a chance to meet with Daleen the other day and it went really well. She read 2 Nephi 31 on her own and said that the Lord told her that she needs to be reading and praying more. And that's one thing that both Elder Hart and I had thought of going into the lesson, so it worked out perfectly. She knows that when she is doing the little things that make a big difference she is happier, she is better able to resist temptation and she is closer to baptism. So just keep praying that she will keep moving forward in faith.

We also had a chance to go back last night and teach the older couple Art and Libby, their 14 year old granddaughter was there as well (the sister of Sarah)(the one whose a member and referred us to Art and Libby) It went pretty well, we taught them the full blown plan of salvation lesson and the best part was is that it all made sense to them. we were helped by the spirit in asking good questions to get them thinking and that helped them understand everything that was shared. They agreed with it all, and it was a perfect way to lead into the Restoration talking about how we have the plan of salvation and why we need it. They invited us to come back next sunday and share some more and they already had a Book of Mormon so Libby said she would start reading it. Its always good to be able to share the gospel at its finest, the restoration, the Plan of Salvation, faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, and enduring to the end. The spirit ALWAYS Testifies of the truth and Both Libby and Art As well as Daleen and others that we are teaching feel that, and it makes me Happy, and I Know it makes the Lord Happy.

I Love You All A Ton, beyond words I can use to describe, especially from my vocabulary. But just know That I do and more than that I pray that y'all will feel it. Until Next week. Happy New Year! Bring It On 2016! Godspeed!!!

Love, Elder Page

Cold and Rainy in CA

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