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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Week of Gratitude...

Oh My Goodness, where do I even begin with this week. This week has been Heaven Sent! I had to just write down the major things I wanted to mention because There's so much that's happened that I wanted to tell y'all about. To Start off, on Thanksgiving we had the chance to meet as a mission and were introduced to the new Christmas initiative the church has come out with. It was overall a really Awesome meeting, but what I really loved was at the end we sang "Because I Have Been Given Much" And as a room full of a couple hundred missionaries sang that together I couldn't help but tear up a little, because at that moment I realized among all of the things that could ever go wrong about life, if we put the Lord first his blessings will Always out weigh the hardships. I felt that while singing, I am So grateful for the many blessings the Lord has given me and the blessings I know he will continue to give as I'm faithful to him and his gospel. What A better way to show that I'm thankful than to share what I have with other, like the song says.

Speaking of Sharing, we went to the temple today and the spirit there was Strong not only around but I really could feel it within myself. The Lord really can and will give revelation to us and our lives if we ask for it. And This is something I really want for the people I'm teaching right now, is to feel even just a little bit of that same spirit. We've been able to work out with a couple of members in the ward to take Daleen and our other investigator Shirley to the La visitors center on the 14th of December. And the coolest part about it all is that we get to go with them! Its a new change in policy where as long as we are taking people, we can go! We're Super excited and so Daleen and Shirley.

Another really amazing opportunity to share the Gospel we got the week was, believe it or not, through the Boy Scouts in the area. Yep, good ol Boy SAcouts. So all of the local troops were doing a "commandment walk" this week. So they go to different churches in the area and they are taught about the 10 commandments. Elder Hart and I as well as the Sisters in the ward were put in charge to run the whole thing. We gave them a church tour (about 150+ people!) and then had everyone sit down in the chapel and we were lucky enough to teach the 6th commandment (Thou Shalt Not Kill) it was fun, haha. It gave us a really great chance to share out testimonies of the Restored gospel as the asked questions at the end, the spirit was doin' work! It was a really neat experience that I won't forget.

One of the last things, a while back I had shared an experience Elder Prisbrey and I had of finding and teaching JP, young guy, searching for truth, 8 month old daughter and married, Awesome little family. Well until last night it had been a little while since we could catch him at home, but last night we witnessed a miracle! I'll save y'all the long story, but just know how things worked out was miraculous! And so we caught him and his wife and their little baby at home together! We shared with them the Christmas video, and a few other videos, after feeling the spirit they immediately started asking really sincere questions about the Book of Mormon and prophets and every things. It was amazing to see that the spirit was helping us answer their questions and to see their hearts really soften and open up. It was a great meeting with them and they want us to come back next week and have a lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ using chapters out of the Book of Mormon. We were all for it! Its not everyday you have your investigators making You lesson plans for you, haha, they are an awesome couple and so we plan on bringing a family from the ward with us next time. Our wards full of young couples so things should go well!!

All in All This week has been The Lord All day. He just keeps showing me that he is there and always will be. He really is The good Shepherd. It seems that when we all begin to lose our way or our focus, as we look to him he is able to guide us back to the trail, back to the path that leads to happiness. I Love Him and am getting to know him better everyday. I wouldnt trade these experiences for anything. I hope y'all got an idea of what a week it was for us. I cant wait to share more in the weeks to come, until next time,

Love, Elder Page

P.S. I wrote Adriana a letter a couple of weeks ago and I saw Elder Anderson at the meeting on Thanksgiving and he said Adriana is doing well and she thanked me for remembering her. It was nice to see that she appreciated it and that I can do even something as small as a letter to keep her flame glowing bright. She is an awesome member now!

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