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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I love my mission with all my Hart...

Hey, Everybody!
This past week has been one of the best weeks of missionary work I've had a a good while! I cant think of a better way to start off the new transfer and My time with my new companion Elder Hart. We are already getting along great! He's a pretty quiet person for the most part but I've opened him up a little bit over the past week. When I does talk though its usually pretty funny, The Lord definitely knows who we need to be with and when. Its been different working with Elder Hart, but we seem to work well with each other and with the start of the new transfer I think I've kicked myself in the butt and have put my efforts into the higher gear. It feels good to look back on a week and know you gave it you all, set a good example for your companion and those around you and, had fun doing all of it! We made it a focus this week to have members involved more and to do more to rely on them in getting things done. Earlier in the week we had Alex, the kid that's about to leave on a mission in January come out with us to do some gardening service for our investigator Shirley. She then took us out for lunch and we had a good discussion on the need for scriptures these days, and its been awesome to see Shirleys attitude towards the book of Mormon change, she now talks about it like its one with the bible instead of our "Mormon bible". So progress definitely being made there! We did quite a bit of service this week for members of the ward too. yard work, redoing houses, and moving furniture. Its been a good way for elder hart to get to know the ward and for us to continue building relationships with them. I'm loving this ward, I really hope that we stay together till the end of the year. Daleen is doing really well. This past week was a hard one for her, but we made the extra push to just keep her on track, focus on her goals, and most of all rely on the savior. She came to church yesterday so that was Sweet! We are really making an effort to get her more involved with members of the ward, so she can feel loved and supported. So far the ward is responding well and this week we have something lined up for her Every day that will keep her on track and feeling the spirit. Including dinners with members, baptisms to attend, arp meetings twice this week, going to the beach to read scriptures, church and an fhe with a family from the ward tonight. Its honestly been exhausting working with Daleen, but I think that's why I have truly enjoyed helping her except and live the gospel over the past few months. Conversion isn't meant to be a piece of cake, but when it does occur you feel true Joy, and helping Daleen and being a part of her conversion has been such a blessing. Working with Daleen has taught me a lot of patience, I've become more understanding of how the savior must feel when we make the same mistakes over and over again but he's always there to pick us back up.

I've learned compassion, and I have really just had a greater appreciation for the gospel in my own life. Seeing Daleen get baptized will be the sweetest moment I've had yet on my mission, and I know she can make her date with continual help and effort. Please keep praying and fasting for her. We;re gonna get there with the Lords Help! Missionary has just been sweet this week, literally Sweet like sugar. And I know its because I've done a lot of relying on the Lord and trying my darndest at everything.

Well, I realize I've written quite a bit so I'll go ahead and finish up, but I Love Y'all, and thank you for keeping me in your prayers. I am lucky to have friends and family like you. I'm never alone here. I'm hopeful for things to come and cant wait to continue sharing my experiences! Until next week, tell all the nieces and nephews I love them (though I haven't met them) and give em kisses for me. Thanks! Godspeed!!!

Love, Elder Page

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