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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fall is Finally Here...

Hello Everybody,

So I'll go ahead and start off by saying it's been a glorious week here in Southern California, because for the first time this year I've had to wear a sweater for three consecutive days! But really, the leaves are beginning to change, the air is changing. and it's dropped below 60*. Things are good here, I can't complain. One thing that hasn't gone that great this week has been my bike. After today I will have had to replace a popped tube 3 times! Its been one day after another. Lets just say we've done a lot of walking, haha. Which has been good, its given Elder Hart and I time to really just talk openly with each other. And of course more opportunities to talk with people we pass by. The Lord always seems to bless in ways we don't normally imagine. In fact some of our greatest blessing come disguised as curses, until our eyes are opened to His ways. The work is going really well, Daleen is continuing to progress, we had an fhe with her and an awesome family in our ward, the Gillilands. They've done an awesome job at fellow shipping Daleen. She's practically a part of their family now. We also had a fun dinner with a family from the ward, the Lozano's. Daleen really liked them. And the best part is is that they live right down the street from each other! And lastly, Daleen was able to come to a baptism of an 8 year old in the ward on Saturday. Half way through the baptism I looked over at Daleen, and she looked back, and had tears streaming down her face. So she enjoyed it. You can always count on baptisms to bring the spirit hard. Thank You All for the Prayers youve offered fro her, she needs them and has felt them. She thinks its the weirdest but coolest thing that we are doing a family 40 day fast. And it seemed to really touch her when I said people would be fasting for her.

A quick update on an investigator we've kinda had on the side for a while because he's been busy with work and out of town. His names Kevin, and He works for BMW and his last business trip ended up being quite the blessing. Before He left for Germany a few weeks ago we told him about general conf and said he could look up a church where he was at and watch it. Of course with work and everything we didnt actually think he would go and watch a session, but he proved us wrong. We finally caught him earlier this week and he had said he found the nearest stake center in Munich (where he was) and watch a session of conference! We were pretty shocked but told him how awesome it was that he did that! Kevin is pretty dang prepared but I don't think he knows it just yet. He is someone we plan on working closely with over the next couple weeks. It just goes to show that The Lord, (although its said a lot), truly is preparing people to receive the gospel. I am loving my mission, and things really are where I want them to be. I know God is looking out for me and those I love. I have been recently trying to count my blessings because I know I have been given a lot and if we show Heavenly father that we're sincerely grateful for the things we have already been given, he will eagerly and willingly bless us more. I Love Y'all! I Love Our Family and I can't wait to hear more news of whats going on with you next week. Keep things interesting! :) Until Next Time, Godspeed!

Elder Page

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