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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Break 2013

For spring break this year (mind you this was back in March! I am so far behind!) we went to Oak Island for a week. Tory brought his friend Caleb with him to keep him company, not that we weren't good company, but hey, he is a teenager. We had a great time, even with the weather being cold and rainy. We did get out to the ocean, to cold to get in, but it was beautiful, and it made me long for our family trip to the beach in July ( I am going to start counting the days until them) We went to Fort Fisher, to the aquarium and rode the ferry, ate ice cream, rode bikes (I loved that most of all)It was Easter Sunday so we attended church there in the small branch. Tory and Caleb participated in passing the sacrament. The Bishop stood up and mentioned how wonderful it was to have worthy priesthood holders, that no matter where they were, they were prepared and ready to serve where needed. I think that made them feel good. We dyed Easter eggs too. I really was missing mom this Easter, we would always go to her house and hunt eggs, color them and eat together. Moms, Grandmas who make and carry out traditions are sure missed when they are no longer there, but I guess we get to continue to bless our families by doing those wonderful things with them and then our own grandchildren as they come along. We missed having the rest of our family with us. Family vacations have sure changed over the years with everyone leaving on missions, and school, but the feeling of love and unity is always there no matter who is or isn"t with us. I love my family, all of them so much. We have so many wonderful memories to look back and many new ones to make.

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