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Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

We had a great Valentines Day this year. It was simple as it usually is, but it is hard to top when you feel like almost everyday is Valentines Day :)Thank you Steve for always being the man who makes me smile everyday. I love you!
Here are a few thoughts on how to make your relationship even stronger. I have been working on a few of these things and thought they were worth sharing.

GO TO BED AT THE SAME TIME. If you go to bed at the same time, you get to have "pillow talk" which leads to communication, to laughter which leads to other things :)

Find at least a few of the same things to be INTERESTED IN TOGETHER.

LEARN WHAT HIS "LOVE LANGUAGE" is from the 5 Languages of Love

Never underestimate the POWER OF TOUCH. Even just a touch on the shoulder or a hand on his knee at dinner.

Tell your kids how excited you are to GO ON A DATE TOGETHER with STARS IN YOUR EYES.

HUG in front of your kids. (or better yet let them see you dancing all night together to the Commodores)

Tell you kids WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT THEIR DAD. All the time!

SAY YOUR'RE SORRY before he does. (working on that one)

Continue "DATING" regularly forever, even if it's an at home date after the kids are in bed. Sometimes those can be the best ones.

Drop everything you're trying to juggle some evnings and just SNUGGLE ON THE COUCH.

Text him LOVE-NOTES in the middle of the day. (He needs something to smile about while sitting through all of those meetings)

TUCK LOVE-NOTES in his suitcase or briefcase or bookbag, so that he will find them through out his day.

Show that you VALUE HIS OPINION by giving in more often.

Keep any complaints or things we are bugged about BETWEEN US. (Not with friends, family. We figure it makes us stronger to work through them together and to KEEP OUR RELATIONSHIP SACRED.

Make an effort to give a him a sincere COMPLIMENT beofre you go to bed each night...something you noticed during the day, so be watching for the good instead of the bad.

TALK ABOUT YOUR BUDGET OFTEN and make sure we are on the same page. We are on the same page, but find it hard to find time to talk about (not pillow talk for me :)

FORGIVE. And the FORGET. Don't hold grudges.


LAUGH. A lot!

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