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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Guess who got their License :)

Guess who got their drivers license yesterday.....TORY! He was sooo good and patient or maybe he was just happy to put off his drivers test ;) but after 3 hours of waiting at the DMV, it was finally his turn. The whole DMV cheered him on as he walked out the door to the car, and when he returned with a big smile and thumbs up we all cheered again! Way to go Tory!!!! His friend Maggie was just after Tory, so we had to wait to see how she did as well, she passed and got celebration cheers as well. Yeah Maggie! Afterwards we took the car and I showed him about changing the oil, and then we took it to wash and vacumn it all out. It is sooo clean now, I think he was proud to be its driver. I think he will be the one to actually take care of it, since he will be the only one driving her. Watch out girls, he may actually be thinking of dating some now, atleast going out and hanging with friends.

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