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Monday, February 20, 2012

Lets start counting up...

Hello Everybody! Sorry for the late email this week! There was no access to the computer on Monday and so we had to push it till a day we could do it. I dont have much time at all though because today isn't P-Day so I will just give you guys the quick heads up. Last week was a crazy week. Super busy and lots of crazy stuff happened. We had the baptism on Sunday which was an awesome experience of course. Ishi will make a great priesthood holder. There was another blizzard last week and we were trucking around in about a meter of snow at least. It was really fun. There was an earthquake last week here too. We were in the middle of a lesson when the alarm went off on our phone and then about 3 seconds later the church started shaking up pretty good for about 15 seconds. It was a pretty scary moment but it didnt get too big so it was alright. It was really just a crazy week with lots going on. I was called on twice to give a priesthood blessing suddenly which, in another language, is always a cool experience. Had a wonderful experience with a member who was baptised about three years ago. We have been working with him alot and he is going to the temple this week to get his endowment. In our last lesson he had teared up eyes as he told me that it was because of me that he was able to get ready to go. I dont know exactly what I did, but it was a very touching and happy experience on the mission. It isn't just about converts I guess, huh. :o) You find much joy in members and other missionaries as well. Marissa looks as beautiful as ever in her pics, thanks so much. We had another crazy day of miracles last week, but the story is too long, so we took a video explaining it all and when I send me next memory card home you can hear the story. It is kind of long so sorry about that when you have to watch it. :o) That is about all I have for this week. Out of time, but I will email next Monday so I will hear from you soon. People keep saying stuff about Romney but they dont ever tell me anything specific! Dont leave me in the dark please. :o) I know I am a nerd. Have a great week everybody!!! I love you and miss you!! AHHH!!! This countdown is going to be brutal. Lets just keep counting up ok? I am on month 13 of the mission...:o) I love you!!! Love, Elder Page

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