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Monday, February 6, 2012

"will this work ever end? No."

Hello everyone!!!! Whew!!! Finally they are engaged! I am super excited and super weired out that it is actually happening, kind of the same way it was with Dallin and Jaclyn. Congraulations!! Sorry I won't be there but not like Matt will notice anyways, we all know how much McKenna pulls his focus when she is in the room. ;oD I hope Matt gets a job at the MTC because then it would be easier for me to get my dream job of working there when I get back! I didnt know that Abby was taking AP Government! That just makes me smile to think of her learning all of that stuff I love. Sounds like things are going to be pretty busy from here on out until the end of the school year. Love hearing about Church ball and to hear that Tory is following in his big brothers footsteps of missing a couple of layups here and there. ;o) Glad you will get to see Marissa when you head out there in April. That puts a smile on my face. :oD Thanks for sending the pics of her to me Mom, she looks like she is just having a ball and I absolutely loved the one of her and that little old Grandma! Funny that Sister Mitchell commented on my gestures because I am pretty sure that I am getting weirder and weirder every day. Over the past couple of weeks I have seriously had some of the biggest struggles communicating in English. You guys are just going to laugh at me so much. I would say that I recovered from the hours of walking in the snow, except that we had a blizzard that lasted about 4 days here this past week. The people here said that it is one of the worst they have had in a long time. There is snow up taller than me in some places and the wind got up to about 60 miles per hour. It was way fun but really cold. We have officially been not able to use the bikes in this weather so we have been on foot, sometimes just trudging for hours in the snow. But, it is all fun stuff and even though it is pretty miserable in the moment, these things will make the greatest memories. Even though we had a ton of snow, it was still a week with a ton of joy and a ton of miracles. We have been working with this woman named Niki and one of the challenges she had was praying the correct way. She felt like if she just thought about something it had the same affect as prayer. Last week we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and testified very boldly to her that what we are saying isn't just a message that has good ideas, it is either true or it is wrong. We told her the way to know that would be to ask God directly and a long story short, she prayed by saying out loud "Heavenly Father...in the name of Jesus Christ, amen." It was a huge, tiny step for her and was a great uplift to us. We had another great experience with an investigator stuggling with a lot of problems in his life and so we talked about Alma 33:23 and promised him that God would help him in his trials and lighten his burdens if he would but seriously show his faith by keeping our commitments with all of his heart. He then promised us that he would get on his knees and pray out loud to God about all of his stresses and problems after we left. Then, finally, I think I mentioned it a couple of weeks about about an investigator who has been an investigator for 3 years or so and he tried to come to church but got lost. Remember? He came yesterday!! It was so awesome and after working so hard with him it was the greatest blessing to see someone show their faith and come to church. There were so many miracles in the work this past week that made it a joy even though the weather was crazy. Also, the sister missionaries investigator, his name is Ishi. I have been able to teach him about 3 times and gotten to know him a lot as he has come to church and learned and he is getting baptised next sunday. When he was asked who he wanted to baptise him, he said that he would like me to do it. I was so happy I just couldn't wipe the smile off my face. It was just a crazy week this past week. How could I even sum it up? I think the sum up of my week came when I was saying my prayer to end my fast yesterday. As I was praying I was thinking about fasting and the meaning and symbolism of it in our lives. I thought back on how I was really hungry that day and there were times where I saw food and wanted to eat it, but how I just held it in and waited. That is pretty significant to our lives I think. How many times do we want something now or desire for something that we need to control ourselves or hold off on? It happens all the time. I guess what I felt as I prayed that night is that I really want to have a bunch of investigators who are just itching to be baptised. I really want to teach a family because I have yet to teach one family on my mission. I really want a lot of things and some things I just may not be able to get, but that is where the lesson is to be learned. I took a lot of power out of that fast, just being patient for that 24 hours, and we can take power in life by controling, waiting, and prioritizing. If we wait and put ourselves on the Lord's time and on the Lord's schedule, great power, great joy, and great growth will ALWAYS follow closely behind. I have felt that this week seeing so many joyful moments. I testify of the truthfullness of this work. It is Gods work on the earth. The prophet John Taylor said that the idea of the death of the prophet Joseph Smith destroying the church was proposterous. He said, "will the work end? No!" almost 200 years later, how that statement rings true as the truth spreads all around the earth. I love you all and know that our Father in Heaven loves you too. Have a great week everybody!! Love always, Elder Page

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