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Monday, February 20, 2012

I am just super happy!

Page Choro, teaching English. He has done this every week his whole mission. I think it is funny they are teaching today through music, Help! From the Beatles :) Hello Everybody!!!! Thanks for the email Mom! This week was super exciting and a lot of things to smile about! I am super happy to hear about Abby getting into BYU!! It will be super weird to go back to school and have my brother and sister there! I am super excited! I am so anxious to hear about Zach's mission call!! It was killing me all week and I had a dream one night he came to Japan! Prom is super exciting! It is still crazy to think about how I used to go to those dances. Mom, it is crazy to me. My life has just moved on and changed so much. I mean, I am in Japan right now! It is a very humbling thought that fills me with gratitude for the many blessings in my life that I have had. That is really crazy that they wont let you go though. I dont like that. I havent gotten the Valentines Package from you yet, but I am sure it will be here this week. I have only gotten 2 letters in the last two week which has been the driest spell of my mission. Just one from you and one from Sister Mitchell. Thanks you two!! I love getting your letters. Tell sister Mitchell that I loved her letter and going to do all I can to be the kind of missionary that she described in her letter. Having less than a year left on my mission has not been a good feeling for me. I let it stress me out a little this week and it tired me out. I have been quite exhauseted, but today I had a great experience in personal study and I feel better, but I am worried that this is going to be the fasted 11 months ever. We already have transfers again in 2 and a half weeks. Last week we had another blizzard!! That is about enough said about that. We had interviews with President this past week which went well. He had some strong challenges for me that he wanted me to improve on and to help those working with me. He is a great man. I am so lucky to have come to this mission to work with him. I also got to talk to Sister Rasmussen a lot which of course was a pleasure. Mom, no worries, she is 100% my substitute Mom until I get you back. She is the bomb. :o) Other than that the past days have just cruised by just like the past 13 months have. I heard about Dad's hip surgery and that is super exciting and kind of a thing to be anxious about. I will be sure to pray for him with that coming up. I know that I have said something about it so many times in recent weeks, but it is something that I feel so strongly about. I want to say one more time that I have a testimony that God knows his flock and he cares about his sheep individually. I have known that in many different ways recently, but I knew it this week because that one sheep was me. I really was having a stressful time and worrying about a lot of things, but I felt my Savior's love as I felt him come after my wavering heart and bring it back into his shelter. I know that the shelter of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is adequate to protect from any storm. In a personal storm, and in the storms of others around me, I have seen the Savior of the World Jesus Christ calm the waves and raise his voice to say, "Peace, be still." I am so grateful for that. Please keep me in your prayers always as I do my best to be an instrument to bring others around me unto Christ. I am really trying my best at what i am doing and I am so thankful to you Mom and Dad for showing me how to put my heart into what I do. I feel my Saviors love and it IS a love he will freely give to those who seek it. It is like a pay phone, we can talk as long as we want if we just keep doing our part to put money in. Just keep putting money in our spiritual pay phones by study, prayer, and service and God will never cut the line on us. I love you guys so so much. Love, Elder Zachary Page

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