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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A very Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving was a little different than those passed. This year was a "Rehearsal Dinner" that fell on Thanksgiving. All of Jaclyn's family and our family and the Mitchells were in attendance. It was all so good! Thanks to David Thornock the ribs were Perfect and so was everything else. Everything about this wedding has gone so smoothly. I guess because it is a perfect combination...Jaclyn & Dallin :) We loved having the Schultz's with us and getting to know them better. It was truly a wonderful weekend. After dinner we all drove to Columbia SC so that we could be there bright and early in the morning for their Temple Sealing. Thanks to everyone for the support and love for these two wonderful people. We have sooooo much to be thankful for our hearts are swelling with love for those around us and for those who are far away. Although as you can see we had Matthew there with us :) We missed having him here, but we could feel of his spirit and love. I could not ask for any more than what we have been blessed with. I love my family! We cleared out the livingroom furniture to make room for everyone to eat.
So glad to have everyone here with us.
Ben was our photographer for the weekend. Thank goodness the pictures will be better than what I could ever do! Thanks so much Ben!

Kyle, Mckenna, Tory & Kushal

Abigail, Jaclyn & Jon Mitchell

The Gang

Grandpa Jack talking to Zach about Japan. Kyle and Christina, Mike and Tanner
Abigail joining all the Pages, Cameron, Christoher, Tyler, Anne, Barry & Laura

Mckenna having a chat with Matt :)
Carla, Lynn, Lindsay, Mom, & Kathy
Gordon, Sharmyn & Jon Mitchell (we were so glad that they came to join us, they were not able to join us at the temple so we invited them to the family gathering...they are family)
Me and Myra (she is all covered in Barbeque sauce)
Kalyn & Norah
Dad, Christina & RJ, Dawn & Ray, Kelli & Rick Weir, and Scott

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