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Thursday, November 11, 2010


You know being on a mission sure brings with it lots of opportunity for growth. The last couple of transfers have been packed with those opportunities for Elder Page. This week transfers were up again...Well lets just say that Elder Page has been ready for it for a while now. He stayed in the same area of Tucson, but his companion was transfered. Elder Page has been given the opportunity for some great experiences, to lead out and finally have someone who wants to be there and work hard. He is now training. Having a new Missionary is just what the doctor ordered. I could feel the joy and excitement in his letter this week, not one of frustration. I can't wait to hear from him next week just to feel of his spirit and all that they are doing. Yeah, thank you for answering so many prayers Heavenly Father. Miracles are on their way I can feel it. Last night Sister Walker called me to get some information for Matthew. She spoke such kind words for Elder Page, you could feel the love that she has for him. That sure makes a mom happy. Go get em Elder Page! Matthew was given a little party by two other Elders there in the District. I can't believe he is 20 already.
One of the three baptisms that they had.
The Zone
Something Sister Walker said about Elder Page, no matter what you always see him smiling.

Elder Page with Elder Fogle, one of his first Zone Leaders, now he is an AP and ready to go home.

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