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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Playing catch up!

Finally we got our family getaway to the beach, it just was not long enough. We love going to the beach and spending time with just US! The weather was pefect, hot but always a breeze. I can't believe that next summer we will be short two of our children to missions. It seems like it has been forever since we were all together, but it is only a short time in the big picture and what great blessings are coming from their service.

Beautiful sunset

Day two at the beach...

Minature Golf is a must while at the beach, atleast it is for us.

Abigail came in 1st...yeah!!!!!
Tory & Dallin tied for 2nd
Zach and Steve tied fo 3rd
I came in last place...I'm not surprised!
The winner gets to ride the Zebra :)

One night we went to the Caswell Beach Light House. It was a perfect night to hang out on the beach.

I love this picture!

Brother and sisterly love.
I love being with my family. We sure did miss Matthew this year.

Time for the traditional RISK tournament...I say tournament only because it last fo so many hours.
Dallin was our winner this year (All for the good of the team)

Zach & Tory feeding the seagulls they would practically eat out of your hands.

We are looking pretty relaxed
Ice cream is the one thing we have every night at the beach....The Tiki Hut has the best homemade ice cream and karaoke. We could not get Zach to do it this year.

It's kind funny, Tory ate half of Dallin's before he realized it wasn't his, then he ate his banana split on top of that. That kid has a bottomless pit!

I love this man :)

We always know how to get a smile out of Abby :)

Dallin dreaming of fudge...

He got all the fudge he wanted!

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