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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Big Party!

Well it is graduation time again at our house. This year we had the party the day before graduation, which was better I believe. So many came to join in on Zach and Alcides big day. Thanks to Steve and Jelana for all the pictures. Sorry we still missed getting alot of people's picture, but we sure thank you all for coming. It was one of the hottest days of the year so far. But that did not stop everyone from being out side and enjoying conversation and a good game of volleyball. They would just step inside to cool off a bit. Zach had a few of the people that he loves from school come, Col. Olson, Mrs. Benedous, and Coach Hoke. That was very nice for them to come and show their love for Zach. What great teachers and leaders they have been to him. A big thank you goes out to Sharmyn for all the help and great recipes...you are a BFF :) What a great time we had. I think I will have more get togethers like that this summer it was so much fun to have friends and family over. And the eight flavors of ice cream wasn't bad either...YUM YUM! Congratulations Zach and Alcides. We love you and know that you have great things ahead! There are so many pictures and I still didn't get everyone!Myra and Barry
Me & Anne who don't see nearly enough of each other.

Jelana & Dad
Nathan Swinson, Joseph Watson, Coach Hoke, Col. Olson & Jon Mitchell
The Anderson Clan - Sebastian, who was playing Volleyball

Dalllin, Angela, & Kirby
Zach & Grandpa Jack talking to Col. Olson
Scott trying to take a nap...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Jelana & Lacey
Kirby, Brandon, & Jordan
Alex & Yiselle
Coach Hoke and sweaty Zach and Rebekah Watson laughing in the back.
Boy Mrs. Benedous, you are a brave soul to stand by such a sweaty guy!
Jason Mattingley
Sharmyn and Jon Mitchell
Lindsey & Me
Mrs. Benedous enjoying the outdoors
Brook and Tori Watson
Volleyball anyone?

Everyone really enjoyed the Volleyball

Brook & Olivia
Don't you just love how boys love their Momma's!
Carter Watson/Rebekah Watson & Luke Swinson/Heidi Swinson

A & A Allison & Alcides

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