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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

June Summer 2013 has quickly come and gone...

Catching up on summer is crazy! My blog has been difficult (not loading like it should) so I have not been able to post all summer long. June was off to a great start. we spent lots of time with family. We had so many cousins coming from and going on missions, that's so wonderful! We gathered in Caswell for a last hurrah for Brandon and Carson. Brandon left for SLC South mission in June, Carson left a few weeks later for Ireland/Scotland Mission. So we cooked out at Grandma Myra's, and hug out with cousins and friends.

Fathers Day Weekend, We got together when Laurie and her sweet family were all in town for a visit. We ate and laughed and caught up on all that has been going on with the Jenkins Clan. We took her to see grandma's grave also. We all miss her so very much. Dad is doing better, loves hanging out with family. We try to get up to visit him every week and take him on a little outing. Wish really does brighten his day. We really enjoy spending the time with him as well.

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