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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Those we meet along the way...

Today we drove to Greensboro to see Mom and to go have lunch at Yum Yum Icecream before Zach leaves for school tomorrow. He just had to have a hotdog :) The missionaries live at my parents and knowing that they had a new missionary as of yesterday, we walked outside and yelled up to their their window, "Elders have y'all had lunch yet?" and they yelled back down to us "NO" and I said, "do you want to go with us, and they said they would be right down." They came down and said, "we would love to go, who are you?" I love missionaries! We stole them and treated them to lunch, along with Greg, Debbie & Claire, Mom, Andrew and me Tory, Zach and Faith. The best hotdogs and icecream anywhere. It was so nice to visit, and welcome Elder Skinner to his new area. I forgot to take a picture of us all at Yum Yum!!! Speaking of missionaries, I had to say goodbye to a few yesterday who went home. At transfers I saw alot of them that have been in our home over the last couple of years. There are those we meet along the way that change our lives for good. As you serve them, you grow to love them, and they take a part of your heart with them when they go home. We will miss you, make sure you keep intouch! Love to all of those that went home!

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