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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Still all dressed up with no place to go :)

I'm going here there or somewhere in between :)
Hey Everybody,

So here is the two big items of news..................I still don't know where I am going!!!!!!!

Item Number two............My MTC departure has been delayed till April the 18th! :) hahahaha I don't really even know what to say except that maybe I should have expected it! haha :) The brethren need another week to asses the situation and figure out what to do with us so they delayed us while they try to figure out.

So Mom, this is not my last p-day and I will get to email you from here again! Also, MJ, and JDog, in my letters i obviously thought I was leaving so you guys should definitely write me again next week so that way I get another letter! :) Thanks! It is crazy, Every single Japanese Elder is delayed till then!

I am excited for the tape, mine is almost done and I will get that out to you asap! So awesome that Derek is coming out there and that he saw Marissa! She is doing great in her letters and I know that she loves to talk to you guys so that is a good idea.

Conference was sooooo amazing!!! I think that it comes to you totally differently as a missionary to be honest. I can't even pick one favorite! I really really loved Elder Oaks talk where he talked about "Overriding Desires" though. The most simple concept ever, but if we could all correctly apply that, we would never sin! I also really really liked Elder Nelson's talk, but they were all so good!! That is so so crazy that next conference Matt will be home and I will have already been gone 9 months!!! Man, time is just flying by!!

I had a pretty quick week as usual. The mission and the work blurr together like you wouldn't believe. Last wednesday I got to host new missionaries and that was pretty cool. It was pretty weird being on the other end of standing on that curb. There were a lot of sad goodbyes and that was a weird flashback moment. I honestly don't even remember much that happend this week! When you have been sitting in the same classroom studying for almost 3 months you just don't even know what goes on sometimes. The district has grown really close in our time here and I think some of us are even a little relieved at an extra week so that we can prolonge the goodbyes. Elder Tukukino and I have grown partucularly close. He is from Australia and I think I have him convinced to come to BYU after the mission and live with me that first Winter semester back...hopefully that first semester is all the time I will need a roommate. ;o) hahaha

Alright, for this weeks challenge I have a couple things again, but i know that all who do these challenges will be blessed. I know that they really are given by the spirit. I don't know if any of you noticed, but I am pretty sure most if not ALL of my challenges were addressed in some way at conference. Some very specifically and others subjectively. It was a great blessing to me to see that these challenges are inspired and that they have purpose and meaning if you take the little amount of time to do them. This week I felt prompted to issue a challenge concerning the Holy Ghost. Study in Preach my Gospel on Page 18, and the first half of 19 about Learning by the Spirit, and Living what you learn. After you have studied that, read the very short tidbit on Page 104 called "Witness of Christ." After that, flip to page 101 and read the big quote by Elder Dallin H. Oaks on that page. I am not going to spoon feed you on this one this week. :) I want you all to study those three things and ponder how they relate and what we learn about the Book of Mormon and Feeling the Holy Ghost constantly in our lives. I know that as you do this this week you will better understand the Spirit of God and how it can work through all of us. You will be blessed to know how you can better invite and maintain that spirit in your lives. Also, the new mormon message this week is amazing and all should watch that and share it with others. I know with all of my soul that God lives. I know that Jesus Christ leads this church, his church on the earth today. We Do have a prophet of God to lead us. What an amazing blessing that is to us in our lives to hear his word and follow his guidance. It is the only sure way that we can know we are living exactly the way that God wants us to live. I know that as we follow Thomas S Monson and hearken to his council, we will NEVER go astray from the narrow path that God has set for us. I know that as we follow that path faithfully, we will return to our father above, with our families, forever and ever. I love you all so so much. You are the greatest and most important blessings to me in my life. Do what is necessary to keep yourselves clean and pure, so that one day we can all return TOGETHER to our Father above.

Have a wonderful week and I hope to hear from you all. I will let you know where I am going as soon as I can find out myself, but for now, expect my email from the MTC next week!

Love always, Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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