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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trip to Utah

Well its time to get another one ready to leave for a mission, so we went out to Utah to meet up with Zach to go to the temple. We had a great time catching up with lots of dear friends and meeting some of Zach's new ones. It was one of our most memorable trips to Utah. I went early than Steve and spent some time with my dear friend Becky. We had so much fun together (we always do) just wish we could do it more often. Zach and Jordan enjoyed introducing us to their fabulous life at BYU. They love it there, which makes me sooo happy. The highlight of the trip was taking Zach to the temple. It was beautiful!!!! And what a sweet reunion it was to have so many that we love there. I look forward to another trip, but this one will be most memorable.
We met up with Zach, Kirby and Jordan and we took them shopping with us. As you can see they had fun :)

I had a great time with Becky. She has built a beautiful new home and we had fun shopping for that.
Some of Zach's friends, Allysia, Marrissa, and his roommate Conner.
Zach and Jordan took us all over campus. We met Mckenna and her sister Meagan at the Creamery!

Jaewon Song, one of Dallin's mission companions from Korea. We loved getting to know him. He is a really nice guy!

This was one of the most memorable days I have ever had :)
What a wonderful reunion we had at the temple
Carson & Brooke Gillett, Steve & I, Chase Burk, Derek Slauson, Zachary, Andrew Hutchins, Conner (Zach's roommate) Latchezar & Molly Gudjenov, not pictured Nolan Jenkins (left to get his wife Chela,to meet us for lunch)
and my niece Laurie, and also Jacob Peacock they left right after. We had a great big group hug in the temple, doesn't get much sweeter :)
Mt. Timpanogos Temple is beautiful!
Lunch at Cafe Rio! I love that place. We had to sit outside in the cold, but we were laughing so much it kept us warm, well some of us anyway (all the girls were cold)
Zach and all the missionaries poked fun at each other all day. Zach called this group the desperates :0

and this group the marrieds!

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