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Thursday, October 14, 2010

BYU Bros

Zach and Jordan are having a great time at BYU. They love, I mean LOVE their roommates. They call each other Bros. I am so glad to know that they are enjoying school and all that comes with it. I can not wait to go out next week to see Zachary and go through the temple. We are going to have so many friends there with us. Can't wait for pictures!
Barry took the boys to General Priesthood Meeting
Zach with a group of friends @ General Conference
Marissa, her sister, Conner, Zach'z roommate, Zach, Jordan, Jaewon, & Kirby

Barry and Anne went out to Utah for General Conference. They took Zach and Jordan along with one of Dallin's mission companions Jaewon Song. Zach loved having a little bit of home :)

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