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Monday, December 12, 2011

I've never felt this cold before...

Hello Everyone!! So just to go ahead and put this out there first, calling will happen on my Christmas Day, which will mean your Christmas Eve. President has laid it out there cut and dry for us so we dont have a ton of manuvering room. We will have around 40 minutes only to talk and I will tell you the exact stuff next week, but you will have to call me just like last time, and it will probably be late over there because we have church over here. I will let you know how to call and all of those specifics next week. Alrighty then, Sounds great that you guys had the Whites over for dinner with you all. Sounds like quite the gathering! Haven't gotten your package yet but I have gotten four others! I got two from MJ, one from Papa Lindsey and Grandma Myra, and one from a family in my old area. I have been so spoiled. Also, at our Zone Conference last week I received my letter with letters from all of you and Mckenna and Mj in it. It just warmed my heart up so much. Thank you so much for that Christmas gift. I wish I had more interesting stuff to tell you than I think I have! haha We had a really good week. We visited a lot of members and did our best to bring some sort of Christmas spirit to this country! We sang and bore testimony of Jesus Christ to members and so many members were so happy to have us come over. The weather last week was rediculous. I tell you, I have never been so wanting a car in my entire life. The wind was blowing at like 40 mph, it was about 0 degrees celcius, and there was hail coming down for like 3 straight days. Lets just say that I never want to ride a bike again. ;oD It was fun though because as we trucked through the Abyss, Elder Sanders and I sang "I had the time of my life, and I've never felt this cold before..." Elder Sanders just helped me remember another story. We were housing and he just asked this woman through the door if we could sing for her. There was a 5 second pause and then she said, go ahead. We sang Angels We have Heard on High. When we finished there was another 10 second awkward pause and then he asked her if she heard. Another awkward 5 seconds later she just says through the door, Go home. It was pretty funny. Just remembered another story. Elder Sanders and I roasted Marshmellows with Chopsticks over our heater in our room. That was pretty ghetto. :oD I am sending off your guys christmas package today so I hope that you get it and like what you get. I tried really hard! We had a Christmas activity on Saturday. Elder Sanders and I sang Walking in a Winter Wonderland and then I dressed up for the Branch Santa Claus. Elder Sanders was my reindeer. :o) It was really fun and you will get pictures of that at some point. Service is all done until the spring. It is just too cold to keep going so we won't be traveling very much anymore. We found an investigator this week, but we aren't sure if he is quite ok yet. He called himself a Samurai and whipped two knives out of his bag. :oD Lets just say we still have faith and are going to keep searching hard. Well, This email was all over the place and I am sorry but I got to go. Mom, I still want to read Jordans emails every week so please make sure you forward those to me please. :oD The church is true. I know it even more as this christmas time roles around and we feel the love of our Savior Jesus Christ even stronger. Everybody enjoy the holidays and if there is one thing I would have you remember, it is the words of President Monson, "We are illuminated by Christmas when we start thinking about people instead of things." I know this to be true. The people around us are the most important. I may get all the things in a package, but it just isn't illuminating when you dont have the people on the other end. Remember how very blessed we are. I love you all so much. Have a great week!!! Love always, Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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